Best Lake Float

Best Lake Floats To Level Up Your Day On The Lake

A day on the lake with family and friends is one of the best ways to relax during the summer, and bringing along a lake float allows you to kick back and make the most of your day. There are endless floating lake toys, from simple one-person tubes to large platforms and waterslides.

What To Consider Before Purchasing a Lake Float

As mentioned above, there are several different types of floats that vary wildly in size, price, material, durability, and more. Here are some things to think through before making a purchase.


Lake floats can range from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars. Typically, the large floats will be significantly more expensive simply due to their size. To keep in mind, cheaper floats often lack the high quality that some pricier options have. And one thing is for sure: a float is no fun if you cant fill it with air!


First and foremost, you should think about buying a float that’s size matches how you plan to use it. For example, larger floats are typically better suited for lakes and oceans than rivers. Also, if you are towing anything behind a boat, you’ll naturally want a tube-style float. Lastly, you’ll need to consider how you plan on transporting your lake float. Most of them can be deflated for transport, but it’s a good idea to ensure it fits in your vehicle.


There are different types of air nozzles on floats. Some of them allow you to use electric pumps or hand pumps, while others require you to do it the old-fashioned way (i.e., blowing it up with your mouth). Most of the larger floats have nozzles that allow you to use pumps which can save you hours once you get to the lake. Investing in a quality electric car pump is a significant investment!


Safety should be top of mind anytime you go to the lake. It doesn’t matter if you’ll only be in a few feet of water or near the shore – you should always wear a well-fitted life jacket. It’s also a good idea to carry a whistle to alert approaching boats of your presence if they don’t see you. Lastly, bright colors or flags can also help you stand out and make you more visible to other persons using the lake.


Do you want to have a cup holder? What about a footrest? How about a pillow for those midday lake naps? Think about how you plan on using your lake float and make sure you buy one that’s compatible, or you can purchase add-on accessories as needed. Things like attachable cup holders and cell phone holders can up your comfort level on the cheap.

Our Best Lake Floats

Bestway Hydro Force Tropical Breeze Raft

Intex Splash ‘N Chill, Inflatable Relaxation Island Float

Intex 58837EP River Run II Sport Lounge, Inflatable Water Float

Intex 57272EP Adult 5 Seat Inflatable Tropical Island Lounging Lake Float

Bestway 4 Person Inflatable Raft

Intex Giant Inflatable Floating Mat

Member’s Mark Inflatable Tropical Tahiti Floating Island

Floating Recliner Inflatable Lounge

CoolerZ Tropical Breeze II Inflatable Floating Island

Intex River Run I Sport Lounge, Inflatable Water Float

Bestway Hydro Force Tropical Breeze Raft Review

This raft is an absolute dream on the lake! First and foremost, it’s large enough for you and all your friends to lounge on and inevitably becomes the center of the party at the lake. The platform can easily support two or three people and has backrests for maximum comfort. My favorite part of this raft is that it comes with a spot for a cooler (and includes the cooler also!) which means you’ve always got a cold drink within reach. It’s also got 6 cup holders, so you don’t have to worry about spilling your drink.

The back half of the raft is like an outdoor pool where you can put your legs and feet in the lake while lounging. The canopy helps to keep the sun off of you during the summer heat, but be careful when the winds are high: it can occasionally come unhooked and fly off. You can tie the canopy to the rope on the raft to keep it secure, but honestly, on most days the wind isn’t going to be strong enough to cause any issues.

Any time you are investing in a float this large its important that its made of a quality material like this one. The high density PVC makes sure that you don’t pop your float and helps it stand up to a bit of wear and tear out on the water. In case you do end up with a leak, a repair kit is included. You can’t beat that!

Overall this is a really great overall lake float and a solid option.

Intex Splash ‘N Chill, Inflatable Relaxation Island

If you are looking for the ultimate chill float, look no further than the Intex Splash ‘N Chill. This lake float has a large platform for lounging and a circular portion for when you want to be in the water.

The first thing that stands out about the Splash ‘N Chill is that it’s massive! It can easily hold ten people and even includes a built-in cooler. Several solid handles are running along the sides of the float to help with transportation. There is also a platform to help get on and off the float.

The plastic material is firm and durable, but you want to be careful when transporting it, as with any large float. When possible, try and deflate the float before moving it, as strong winds can make it challenging to control. One other note is that a repair kit is not included, so you’ll need to purchase that separately.

Intex 58837EP River Run II Sport Lounge, Inflatable Water Float

This is the first tube style float on our list, and it’s a solid one. This float is designed for two people and has built-in backrests. It has a mesh bottom designed to keep you cool. The cooler sits between the two riders and makes sure you’ve always got easy access to your drink of choice. It even has attachments to string together multiple floats so that you can create your very own party barge.

One exciting feature of this tube is that it’s five separate air compartments, which help control leaks. Like some of the others, this lake float includes a repair patch if you get a leak.

This particular lake float also does well on rivers. If you plan on using it in fast-moving water, it can be difficult to steer without a paddle so bring one along just in case.

Intex 57272EP Adult 5 Seat Inflatable Tropical Island Lounging Pool Float

This float is like an inverse island – you and 4 of your friends sit around a mesh netting so you can put your feet in the water. Some people have had up to 8 people on the raft at one time! It’s one of the most durable floats on this list and stands up to large waves, wind, and more.

The float is quite large so make sure you have an electric pump available to inflate it. It holds air well so it will stay inflated for multiple days without needing to be refilled.

If you are looking for a float to relax on and are less interested in swimming, this is a great island. The mesh bottom means you can bring another cooler, your lunch, or anything else without worrying about it falling into the lake.

Bestway 4 Person Inflatable Raft

Like the two-person tube float on this list, this raft comprises four individual tubes with a mesh bottom. That mesh bottom allows you to sit down in the tube and stay cool without getting fully into the lake.

In true party raft style, this float comes with two separate coolers, which means that everyone has access to drinks without any issues. It’s got four cup holders for all those frosty beverages and two additional compartments for whatever else you want to bring along. When it gets too hot, you can pop into the middle section to go for a swim.

Once this raft is deflated, it folds up into a compact size, making it super convenient to transport.

Intex Giant Inflatable Floating Mat

We’ve made it to our first floating mat on the list!

Floating mats are a different kind of lake float – they typically use less air than the other types of floats and sit semi-submerged in the water. They still have a lot of buoyancy, so it can hold multiple adults, a cooler, dogs, or anything else you’d want to throw on it.

One important thing to realize about a mat-style float is that you will be wet. Unlike some large island rafts or tubes with mesh bottoms, this float is designed to let some water on top. That makes it super easy to get on and off for swimming and staying cool. If you are looking for a drier experience, a floating mat may not be for you.

The other thing that’s great about mats are that they are typically more affordable than different types of floats. If you are looking for a solid low, budget option, this might be perfect for you!

Member’s Mark Inflatable Tropical Tahiti Floating Island

This float makes you feel like you are relaxing in Tahiti. Grab a mai tai, kick your feet up, and enjoy!

Mark’s inflatable floating island is perfect for up to 6 adults. Its made up of 2 lounge-style chairs, and then a 4 person seating area with a swim hole in the middle. Each of the chairs are separate compartments for increased safety and reduced risk.

All this fun comes with a price: it’s huge and hefty. Once you get it on the water, you will have the time of your life, but make sure you are ready for the work involved in getting to the shoreline. First, the sheer size of the float means the whole thing will be heavy. You need at least three adults to move this lake float. Also, it may not be an excellent float for you if you have a smaller car. But once you do get it wet, you will be the envy of everyone else on the lake!

Floating Recliner Inflatable Lounge

We’ve highlighted several floats that are designed for you and your group of friends, but this one is for you and you alone. This chaise style chair is the ultimate in comfort and a great way for you to relax on the lake without a lot of work. Its also the most affordable option on this list!

The small size of this individual chair means that it’s easy to inflate. I’ll always recommend using an electric pump, but this is one of the rafts where you could use a manual pump without too much trouble. This float also rides pretty high, meaning that you stay dry on it.

Some buyers have reported issues with leaks at some of the seams although it appears to be intermittent. A repair patch is also included in case you spring a leak.

CoolerZ Tropical Breeze II Inflatable Floating Island

The Tropical Breeze Floating Island is another massive float designed to hold up to 6 adults. It has a wrap-around seating style with a swimming area in the middle. Each of the chairs has an extra-wide backrest for maximum comfort. There is also an oversized sun shade which is perfect for keeping you comfortable and in the shade.

As with some of the other larger floats, the two downsides will be weight and price. You will probably need multiple people to transport this float to the lake. Also, you will need a larger vehicle to fit it in. Once you get it on the lake, it’s uber comfortable with tons of space.

Intex River Run I Sport Lounge, Inflatable Water Float

This tube-style float is perfect for someone who is looking for a tube that can be used on lakes, pools, and even rivers. Its probably the most versatile of the floats on our list and can even be used for towing behind a boat!

Not only is it perfect for lakes and rivers, but it’s also very affordable. It’s still made of high-quality PVC, which makes it very durable. This float has two cup holders for all your double fisting needs. All in all, this is a great all-around option for many different scenarios!

Wrapping Up

Its so important to think about how you plan on using your float before you make your purchase. Questions to think about include:

  • What types of bodies of water do I want to use this on?
  • How many people should the float be able to support?
  • How will I transport it?
  • Which safety features are most important to me?
  • What comforts do I want (coolers, backrests, mesh bottoms, etc)?

Once you’ve got an idea of how you plan to use your float, you’ll be able to narrow down and eliminate some of the options that don’t match your criteria.

Summer is supposed to be about relaxing and hanging out with friends and family, and a solid lake float helps on both of those fronts. So grab a case of your favorite drink, fill up the cooler, and let’s hit the lake!